YOU'VE COME to Silicon City and want to check out the most happening places. But it hasn't been quite your day and you want to clobber your grumpy chauffeur (maybe it hasn't been his day either). As for that taxi driver, he's positively demented. You want your space, preferring to drive your own car, which is 1,000 km away. Ten years back, you'd have been stuck. But not any more.
At long last, NAIK TRAVELS has caught up with 21st century when it comes to rented cars.
A big part of the commuting culture in the West, and a clear marker for a happening city, the self-driven, rented car has arrived, even though the concept has been around for about a decade. You can now come to NAIK TRAVELS, get a car you like according to your professionality as well as passion and drive long and far.
NAIK TRAVELS., which runs the Hertz brand of cars, has been here for 22 years. It has a fleet of huge range of cars in Bangalore and offers you cars from five segments - Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, and Full-Size. You can rent out its car for a day, week, or a month. In case it is a day, it would cost you at very attractive price depending on the car you rent.

"We offer the car for one, two, or three days to eventually persuade a customer to give a satisfactory and mind blowing tour".
A very commonly used mode of transport is the metered auto-rickshaw. The city also runs an efficient city-bus service, but the buses are usually crowded and the bus staff is generally rash and ruthless. Keeping the comfort as well as joy-ride in mind we have come up with the vast range of cars for you to choose and make your trip.

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